FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Updated Friday September 20, 2019 by Cal Ripken Sarasota.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cal Ripken Baseball Division Ages 4-12
T-Ball: Ball players ages 4-6 learn hitting and fielding fundamentals in a supportive team environment. Young athletes hit the ball from a batting tee which is height –adjusted for a level swing, batting in order through the line up for the entire game.
Rookie: Designed primarily for ball players ages 6-8, this division makes use of a pitching machine to allow for more hittable balls at the plate and more action in the field, while avoiding the fear of being hit by a pitched ball.
Minor: Recommended for ball players ages 8-10. Players build and refine their fundamental skills while beginning to understand game strategy and teamwork. In most regions, participants first experience post-season tournament competition in this level.
Major/60: Recommended for players ages 10-12. Featuring a 50’ pitching distance and 60’ base paths, this division is offered as an option to current league format, and still includes a tournament trail from district competition through World Series.

When is registration for the Fall and Spring Seasons?

Registration for the Spring season starts in November/December through the end of January with practices starting in February.  Registration for the Fall season starts in July through the end of August with practices starting in September.  Registration can be done online through this website or in-person registration will be scheduled for select days.  In-Person registration days will be advertised on this website and the Cal Ripken Sarasota Facebook page. 

Can I make a coach or friend request?

You may make a request in the comments during the registration process, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to honor all requests that are made.

What equipment will I need to have for my child to play?
Your player needs a fielder’s glove, helmet, gray baseball pants and baseball shoes (cleats). Some players find batting gloves to be helpful. The League furnishes a team jersey and hat. Game and practice balls are provided to the team. 

How will I be notified what team my player is assigned to and when will practice start?
Once the teams have been formed, you will receive an email to notify you of your player's team. This website and the SportsSignUp Play phone App will have information on the schedule of events when the team selection process is completed. Practices usually start once the teams are set and players notified.

When are the games and practices?
Practices and Games take place twice a week, on weekdays only.  Most are scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 PM, but occasionally a Monday or Wednesday may be scheduled.  Game and practice schedules will be posted on this website and the SportsSignUp Play App. Changes to the schedule due to weather or other circumstances will also be emailed and/or sent via text message.

How do I contact my player's coach?

Coaches can be contacted through the SportsSignUp Play app or you can find their phone number and email there if you wish to contact them directly. 

What is the difference between Cal Ripken vs. Little League?

Cal Ripken offers a great chance for players to develop more baseball skills at a younger age -thus will help better prepare them for the Transition to the 60'6" pitching distance and 90' base paths at the high school level. The Cal Ripken / Babe Ruth system allows youngsters to learn and play Baseball with a gradual increase in the level of difficulty.

Cal Ripken vs. Little League
Base Paths: Progressive Bases vs. Static Bases
Bases move from 60' to 70' as player gets older vs. bases stay at 60' to age 13

Pitching Distance: Moves from 46' 
to 50' as player gets older vs. remains at 46' to age 13

Base Stealing: Players are able to take leads from bases vs. waiting for ball to cross the plate